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OTH Consulting provides information technology (IT) services and consulting, with a focus on information security, to residences and small & medium businesses in southeastern North Carolina.


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Unfortunately, at some point in time your household or business will experience a catastrophic IT event.  The cause of the event could be hardware, software, natural disaster, environmental, or human error.

Regardless of the "how" it happened you need to ask yourself what will you do after such an event to recover and become functional again?

As you contemplate this question, please keep in mind the following idiom: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Know that the only way to protect your household and/or business investments from a catastrophic event is to utilize industry best practices and plan ahead before an event occurs.

Contact OTH Consulting to schedule a meeting to discuss how we can solve your IT needs, whether it's optimizing a computer to run faster, cleaning malware from your computer, implementing measures to mitigate the chances of a disaster or related event from hindering your household or business IT needs, or any number of other IT services we can assist with.